I'm excited to connect users and organizations with solutions that work for everyone. If you've got a project you need help with, contact me: tompkins.crystal@gmail.com

Hi, I'm Crystal!

I’m a product designer who is all about creative problem-solving. I’m on a quest to improve lives, keeping my eyes peeled for ways to have a positive, real-world impact.

With extensive experience in edtech and teaching digital art, I have a background in strategic design thinking, problem-solving, leading teams, and communicating with diverse audiences.

I’m experienced in the design process, and leading and mentoring my peers and colleagues (after all, I'm a former high school teacher). One of my superpowers is breaking ideas down into manageable parts.

I’m an expert at iteration; adaptation; learning new skills, content, and technology quickly; and using my flexibility to pivot whenever needed. I’m pragmatic, goal-oriented, and passionate about taking projects end-to-end from research and discovery to strategic information architecture to high-fidelity designs.

Strengths Include:

• Strategic UX thinking
• Systems and guidelines design
• Visual design
• Problem solving
• Design thinking
• Pragmatism
• Flexibility
• Patience

Experienced In:

• Working with diverse users
• Facilitating large groups
• Collaborating with leadership
• Learning new skills, content, and technology in any domain

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Outside of Work:

When I’m not solving problems and helping people, you can find me illustrating, reading, painting, gardening, traveling, and keeping up with my trio of trouble kittens who have their own ridiculous Instagram.

The Trio from Troubletown

  • Bob Mapplethorpe: the ambassador

  • Ida B. Wells: the investigator

  • Linus Pauling: the floof